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Petikan genealogi

hy waste your money looking up your family tree?
Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.
Mark Twain
don't know who my grandfather was, I am much more
concerned to know what his grandson will be.
Abraham Lincoln
ou live as long as you are remembered.
Russian Proverb
nybody can make history, only a great man can write it.
Oscar Wilde, Aphorisms

e who has no fools, knaves, or beggars in his family
was begot by a flash of lightning.

Old English Proverb
f you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well
make it dance.
George Bernard Shaw
here is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors,
and no slave who has not had a king among his.
Helen Keller
amily faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong
to us, we see the past, present, and future.
Gail Lumet Buckley
n the grave of Ezekial Aikle in East Dalhousie Cemetery,
Nova Scotia: "Here lies Ezekial Aikle, Age 102, The Good Die Young."
lawyer's epitaph in England: "Sir John Strange Here lies
an honest lawyer, And that is Strange".
arry Edsel Smith of Albany, New York: "Born 1903--Died 1942
Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on the way down. It was."
n a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery: "Here lies an Atheist: All dressed
up And no place to go."

Cogan kata genealogi

Can a first cousin, once removed, return?
Genealogy: Tracing yourself back to better people.
I trace my family history so I will know who to blame.
It's hard to be humble with ancestors like mine!
Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate.
Genealogists live in the past lane.
Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles. It's the threads I need.
Genealogy: Collecting dead relatives and sometimes a live cousin!
Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.
Heredity: Everyone believes in it until their children act like fools!
Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.
Theory of relativity: If you go back far enough, we're all related.
A Step backwards is Progress to a Genealogist.
I'd rather be looking for dead people than have them looking for me!
Ever find an ancestor HANGING from the family tree?
Evolution is God's way of issuing updates.
Genealogists are time unravelers.
Old genealogists never die, they just lose their census.
Genealogy...it's not a hobby, it's an obsession.
I think my ancestors had several "bad heir" days.
I'm not stuck, I'm ancestrally challenged.
It is hereditary in my family not to have children.
Only a Genealogist regards a step backwards as progress.
When marriage is outlawed only outlaws will have inlaws.
Genealogy: Tracing descent from someone who didn't.
I finally got it all together. Now where did I put it?
The black sheep keeps the best info on the family.
Whoever said "seek and ye shall find" was NOT a genealogist
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